Traveling Tips Revealed – The #1 Way To Make Traveling Fun!

To really make travel fun and make it easy to meet new people, you need to be ready to laugh at yourself. We think that a willingness to make yourself look a little silly is a quality that helps get people on your side.

Nothing is quite so “off-putting” as a stuffy traveler. In our family we call people like this “WLAs”… translated to “World’s Leading Authorities”. They are travelers who think that the way they do things in their own country is the best way.

They don’t have to be

Traveling Tips …


About e1lt2

I'm a work at home entrepreneur and I LOVE planning and organizing family vacations. Our family is big with kids and adults of all ages spanning over three generations! That's why I am always looking for great traveling tips. I would like to share some of my best traveling tips with you.
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